Amelia Garden club to meet

Marta Ray

The Amelia Garden Club’s next meeting is scheduled for January 17 at 7:15 p.m. at the Amelia Administration Building, 119 W. Main Street, Amelia, OH 45102.

Meeting topic will be “Organic Gardening”. Our presenter will be Ms. Marta Ray. Marta grew up in the historic city of Lviv, Ukraine and her parents never owned a garden or a farm.

Marta Ray

Her dream to become a gardener came true when she moved to United States of America. By trade, Marta is an engineer and worked in Cincinnati in this field for around 20 years.

Her passion lies in simplicity and self-sufficiency. She owns a mini-farm that includes animals, bees, an orchard and a garden.

She considers herself successful because she transformed barren land into luscious garden not with any inherited talent, green thumb or divine gift, but with developed skill through the experience of trial and error and she wants to share this experience with the Garden Club.

We are growing our Garden Club membership and excited to bring on new members.

If you are interested in attending this meeting and joining our Garden Club, contact Connie Compton at or call 937-205-2546.

Please provide your name and contact information.