Letter to the Editor: The positive side of lobbyists: the Global Partnership for Education

Dear Editor,

Just ran across Lee Hamilton’s warning about lobbyists, very appropriate now as always. (‘Congress uninterested in the role of lobbyists’ by Lee Hamilton, Clermont Sun, Nov. 30, 2017)

One thing he didn’t mention were constituent lobbyists who ask for positive things like supporting the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) to expand education in our world. With 263 million children without education, there is plenty of work to be done.

Someone talked to Ohio Reps. Tim Ryan and Marcy Kaptur who are cosponsoring the House Resolution 466 supporting the Global Partnership for Education. In fact, it is constituents’ face to face meetings, calls, and letters that matter most according to a 12 year study by the Congressional Management Foundation. The GPE will put 25 million children in school for the first time, if it is funded in February.

So how about asking the rest of Ohio’s representatives to join Ryan and Kaptur in cosponsoring this resolution. While you are at it, ask the senators to do the same by cosponsoring Senate Resolution 286 which also supports the GPE.

What a great holiday present for millions of children in our world, and for all of us since education brings less conflict, better health, and more commerce.

Willie Dickerson
Snohomish, WA