Clermont County 4-H Youth Development celebrates volunteers

OSU Extension Clermont County extended thanks to 4-H Volunteers during their annual banquet Friday, November 17, 2017.  A multitude of volunteers were recognized for their dedication and numerous hours of service. Among those honored were Erin Belieu, Christina Chambers, David Federle, Nicholas Garrison, Kayla Gragg, Nicole Glutz, Amy Hoover, Philip Hopper, Elizabeth Jensen, Mackenzie Mahon, Shawn McDaniel, Chris Rakyta, Louise Roades, Christopher Smith Jr, Naomi Stahl, Emily Teague, Megan Werring, Beth Woeste and Jill Zerhusen, new volunteers for 2017; Tammy Arnold, Miranda English, Amanda Keenan, Kayla Kelly, Jamie Kinner, Michael Kinner, Mariah Messink, Tammi Messink, Erin Sandfoss, Stacy Sandfoss, Rosanne Schmidt and James Walker for five years of service; Michael Giwer, Jon McElfresh, Christopher Smith Jr. and Jennifer Walden for 10 years of service; Gail Apgar, Clinton Louiso and David Williamson for 15 years of service; Genny Green, Lorra Keenan, Bobby Kelly Jr., Wendy Morrow and Melanie Simms for 20 years of service; Chris Smith Sr for 25 years of service; Theresa Herron for 35 years of service; Carol Stephenson for 42 years of service; Carolyn Krebs for 44 years of service and Jerry Krebs for 48 years of service. Also earning recognition were youth volunteers for their leadership in 4-H CARTEENS, as Camp Counselors, County Fair Royalty and Club Officers.

In addition, Brenda Bayne and Mary Huddle were honored as recipients of the Clermont County 4-H Committee Leadership and Service Award. Brenda is the head advisor of Ruff ‘n Stuff 4-H’ers and serves as an active member of the Clermont County 4-H Committee. Mary is the head advisor of the Young Riders 4-H Club, serves as the Horse Consultant for the Clermont County Junior Fair and is an active member of the Clermont County Horse Committee. Both Brenda and Mary are dedicated leaders who share their time and talent to ignite a spark in the next generation by sharing their passion, knowledge and skills.

4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship and life skills. 4-H is about having fun through experiential learning. In 4-H, young people make new friends, develop skills, become leaders and assist in shaping their communities. In Clermont County, 4-H is delivered in several different ways; our most traditional way is through community clubs.

This year, we have 226 volunteers working with youth in 38 community clubs.

To learn more about 4-H, volunteer with youth or find a club in your area, please visit, or contact Kelly Royalty, 4-H Youth Development Educator, at 513-732-7070 or email, Facebook at OSU Extension – Clermont County, or call the office at 513-732-7070.