Christopher Myers:
City collection timely for Milford

I write with conversation by sundry residents, alive two centuries, carrying civicacy of Milford—schooling throughout, leading premium public services, strengthening property value, steering structural improvements and salary cost, and sparking love.

Milford; of the meaningful reasons for welfare reciprocity, wellbeing of life and education, and common bonds; should incorporate the present Camp Dennison, Loveland-Clermont, protruding slivers of Goshen and Union townships, Miami Township, Miamiville, Owensville, Springvale, Stonelick Township, and all irregularities along the Wayne Township border!

During Ohio’s runoff election, nonpartisan elections for each ward would issue two warden nominees going to a ward’s main election, begetting a Warden of Milford each ward.

Warden award includes, not limited-to: Civic hours, neighborhood meet-n-greets, turns coordinating city events, championing public services throughout ward offices, writing their ward reports and budgets, collaborating revised code and regulations, performing as the city assembly, and jurying final appeals in Mayor’s Court.

Milford’s nonpartisan mayoral runoff, and then main election for the strong Mayoralty, should function citywide! Additional with other duties during a term, Milford’s Mayor would budget the city, with department leaders and Warden imputation.

Elections should start 2020 with six-year terms for Warden and Mayor, no term limits, and inability to seek multiple offices at once. Wardens’ and Mayors’ full-time secretaries would fill out the incumbent’s terms in the event of recall, and not stand for that office the succeeding cycle.

The city’s wards would guide their own landscaping. To incentivize ward economies, 38% of each ward’s city doles collected finance the ward itself: Re-wooding, brochures, park programming, secretaries, upgrades, system repairs, and ward offices especially for rotating patrollers. Initial equity should come from more commercial wards.

Buildings, newsletters, roads, schools, and services would stay city matters, one zip-code.

Milfordhylls Ward appears the residences off Milford Hills Drive, Edgecombe Drive, Theilman Park, Brooklyn Avenue, Mohawk Trail, Price to McClelland roads, Signal Hill; Milford Post Office inlet; commercial properties from The Promont to Interstate-275 overpass, where Main Street devolves into Route 28 currently.

Commonwoode Ward appears with quaint, health environs ensconcing the settings off Cook Road, Arbors, Bridgehaven, Clermont Nursing Care, Happy Hollow, Meadowcreek and Menno drives, Montclair Boulevard, Newberry, and Thornhill!

Proportional Milford ward standardizations:

– Branchyll Ward;

– Commonwoode Ward;

– Eaglespeake Ward: Summiting Route 131, Miami Hills streets, Klondyke;

– Lovelandale Ward: Loveland-Clermont, Grailville, plus;

– Miamivale Ward: Includes Camp Dennison, Miamiville, inner I-275 Wards Corner streets;

– Milforday Ward: East, Old, South Milford;

– Milfordhylls Ward;

– Mulberry Ward: Millcroft Apartments, McPicken Drive, Traverse Creek, Meijer Drive, Roan/Woodspoint tracts, all Buckwheat Road tracts, down Branch Hill-Guinea Pike to Branchyll Ward;

– Owensvale Ward: Dead Man’s Curves, Owensville-plus;

– Perinham Ward: lower Wolfpen, Park 50, Stonelick Road, Perintown-plus;

– Pleasantheights Ward: Berdova/Karen/Teakwood/Deblin/Shenandoah Trace, eastside Wolfpen Road, Day Heights-plus;

– Riverhope Ward: Pattison Elementary, Union Township protrusion, Eastfork Parkway, Round Bottom Road; named for moundbuilders, mounds at country club;

– Springcombe Ward: Mount Repose, Woodville, Springvale-plus.

Municipalization features simple tenders to Ohio, not referendum. Residents should comment specifically with insights helpful for an historic process: Milford will lead from 1796 as a fording, lively repose!