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Volunteers from the Clermont County Genealogical Society (CCGS) are busy entering data into a database on our website ( from thousands (yes, literally thousands) of index cards that contain obituaries from mostly newspapers, but also an occasional odd source. Odd sources can include handwritten index cards, an 1880 Mortality Schedule, and the Discharge records of the old Clermont County Infirmary.

These obituaries range as far back as 1800 for some and up to approximately 2010, but are not all-inclusive.

These index cards are currently housed at the Doris Woods Batavia Branch Library in a card-catalog-type wooden file cabinet in the Genealogy Room.

Feel free to look at them while at the library doing research, but note that some may be temporarily missing while we have them at home typing them up.

To date, the 5 volunteers working on this project have completed these letters of the alphabet: A/O/W/X/Y/Z. Five CCGS members (Kathy Payne, Stacie Ishmael, Pat Dudek, Joe Baker and Jude DeWitt) are working on these letters of the alphabet as we speak: B/C/D/P/V.

So, if you don’t see anything online for the alphabet letter you are looking for, keep checking back (or visit the Doris Woods Batavia branch library in-person). This is a slow, slow process and we are immensely grateful to our volunteers for their time working on this project.

If you live in the local Greater Cincinnati/Clermont County area and would like to volunteer (at home) to help input these obituaries into the online database, please contact: Kathy Payne at a or call her at 859-341-5157.

Anyone can access the “Area Deaths” (obituary) section of the CCGS website. There are also a number of other valuable sections on our website to help further your genealogy research.

Check it out!!!

Obituaries more recent than 2010 are generally available online at the following urls:

– Obituaries from current back to 2005

– Obituaries back to 2013, plus 1987

Happy Hunting!!!!