Army vet marches with his family at Veterans Parade

My father Kenneth Gibbs, who was in the Army, and his son Duane Gibbs, who was in the Air Force, and his three grandsons Jordan Boswell, who was in the Navy, and Jeremy Boswell and Travis Sipple, who were in the Marines, marched for the first time in the Veterans Day Parade in Batavia. With my father being 84, we are not sure if he will be able to march in many more.

My dad served in Korea during the Korean War, Jordan served in Japan for the Navy and my brother Duane served time in Korea in the Air Force. Jeremy also served in Korea while in the Marines, Travis did two tours during Iraq and Afghanistan.

When they get together there is the usual bantering, but these are men who served our country and deserved to be honored on Veterans Day and with Jordan just getting out of the Navy in the past year, this was the first time all five could march together and we are hoping my dad will continue to be able to march and that this will become an annual event for as long as my dad is able because he said he refuses to ride in the parade and will only participate by marching as long as he can.

As the Army says Hooah or if you are a Marine Hoorah, a Seaman Hooyah and last but not least Air Force HUA .

– Connie Gibbs