Marc Hoover:
The strange life of Dorothy Eady

Ask anyone about reincarnation and you will typically get an eye roll, a sigh or a strange look. I have mixed feelings about reincarnation because I have experienced several Déjà vu moments where I feel as if I have been alive before. Regardless of whether you believe in reincarnation or not, the much documented life of a woman named Dorothy Eady is a strange one and may change your thinking about reincarnation.

Marc Hoover

Eady was born in London in 1904. By all accounts, she was a regular child. She didn’t exhibit any unique qualities. She wasn’t considered a genius or someone with any unusual talents. She was curious, playful and had the zest for life shared by other youngsters. But the young girl’s life would drastically change after a near death experience. At three, young Dorothy fell down a flight of stairs at her home. The fall nearly killed her.

Dorothy was rushed to the hospital and had momentarily stopped breathing. Originally, doctors thought she had died. Miraculously, medical staff at a local hospital revived the young girl.

For Dorothy and her family, life would never be the same. Dorothy soon became fascinated with pharaohs, temples and anything else associated with the Egyptian culture. Young Dorothy’s parents must have become frustrated with their daughter after she was kicked out of Sunday school for disagreeing with her teacher over Christianity and Egyptian beliefs. She was also kicked out of a private school after refusing to sing a song with lyrics chanting for God to curse the Egyptians.

Dorothy’s mother took her to the British Museum where she became enamored with the artifacts. During the young girl’s visit, she told her mother that she was Egyptian and had found her home. After seeing a picture of Pharaoh Seti’s temple, the young girl became convinced that she had previously lived in Egypt as a priestess.

Young Dorothy began having dreams about her past life in Egypt. She described her home as having lush vegetation and beautiful trees. She even described the life of a typical Egyptian from the past. It was almost as if she had lived in the past. People within her inner circle probably thought her fall down the stairs had probably caused some type of brain damage.

Dorothy, however, knew her life was in Egypt and that she had to visit. In 1933, she achieved her dream and moved to Egypt. She also married an Egyptian man. Unfortunately, her marriage didn’t last, but the union did produce a child. Dorothy made fabulous claims that she was a former lover of Pharaoh Seti. She also claimed to have given birth to his child when she was 14. This had to be kept a secret because she was a priestess and a priestess was expected to maintain her virginity.

So even if you don’t believe Dorothy Eads, there is some proof that she was reincarnated. When describing her relationship with Pharaoh Seti, she mentioned his beautiful garden enclosed by trees. Somehow, Dorothy directed archaeologists to its location. So how was this possible? She also directed archaeologists to drawings and hieroglyphs that were previously undiscovered.

Was it possible that Dorothy Eads and Pharaoh Seti were lovers? She eventually became well known and respected by her peers as an expert in Egyptian history. She was so convincing that people believed she was reincarnated and had lived many years ago as an Egyptian.

She died in 1981. If she really was the former lover of Pharaoh Seti, did she reunite with him after she died? I would say that anything is possible when it comes to true love.

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