Letter to the Editor:
The Halloween vice

If we’re going to make America great again, we need to fix some things. We’ve got to rid ourselves of habits that weaken our resolve. In this vein, we have some-so called “traditions” that diminish the character of American-born-and-bred, flag-waving, patriots. The problem? Liberals have hijacked our holidays.

We’ve just passed one that has always bothered me. It besmirches the “striving and succeeding” goals of social Darwinism. I am referring to Halloween; aka St. Apollonia’s day (patron saint of dentists).

Motley groups of young people come to your door and beg for food. Trick-or-treat is a beggar’s chant. The phrase carries implicit malice: “trick” suggests an unlawful action will be perpetrated upon your person or property if you do not provide comestibles. There is nothing in that phrase that implies they will perform some useful act in return, just that you will be left alone. This is not unlike a Mafia solicitation for protection money.

They are not asking for a job; not offering to rake your leaves or sweep up. They just want food and then they will go away and bother someone else. If the larger and older members of these groups were to be walking along in similar attire during daylight and carrying signs saying “will work for food,” you would contact the police to warn of riff-raff in the vicinity.

And this is a national holiday upon which we spend money that we have earned for our own betterment and survival, on a bunch of people whose main claim is that they’re mobile enough to make it to your door and speak enough English to beg. If that doesn’t fit the definition of “takers” then I don’t know what does.

We reward them, and subsequently, reward the dentists and nutritionists who enable this begging habit by making them healthy enough to return the following year. God only knows how many of these rapscallion larvae use the communistic Obamacare subsidy system to pay for their dentists and nutritionists. Moreover many of them go to public schools where they plot their next raids. Hillary Clinton even brags about how the whole village should help these parasites thrive.

This is the action of a nation of self-reliant winners? Not hardly. As soon as our kids and walk and talk we equip them with bags, disguises to avoid identity, and encouragement to walk up to strangers and ask for food. At all other times, this would be rewarded with a visit from Child Protective Services.

You should all do what I do: hand out pamphlets about Horatio Alger; pamphlets that warn children of the dangers of talking to strangers, pamphlets that remind them that begging brings a loss of dignity that cannot be returned, and pamphlets that warn of razor blades hidden in candy and fruit. Sadly, these pamphlets must be in the form of anime comics.

I’m just sayin’.

Next: the war on Christmas. Or is that war by Christmas? The president is so inscrutable.

Len H.,