The Forgotten Man

David Uible

For decades, our tax system has been designed by political elites and wealthy benefactors who only seek to enrich themselves. But it’s long past time for that system to end.

David Uible

President Trump ran on a platform based on the Forgotten Man, the men and women who have been left behind by the prominent and powerful who have held the reigns in our country. The vision for tax reform the president and Congressional Republicans have laid out represents another promise fulfilled by President Trump to stand up for these forgotten people. Congress must swiftly tackle tax reform so that more of these everyday Americans will see money going back in their pockets.

President Trump’s tax plan for the Forgotten Man will shift the tax burden away from struggling Americans and level the playing field for all. It will close the loopholes and exemptions that have been perverted and taken advantage of by the wealthy and powerful.

It’s time for Senator Sherrod Brown to join Republican efforts to create a fairer and simpler tax plan that will truly help the Forgotten Man.

David Uible, president, Board of County Commissioners and Chairman of the Clermont County Republican Party.