Save a Life Tour came to Batavia High School

On Monday, September 25th the Save a Life Tour came to Batavia High School.

The International Save a Life Tour is the nation’s an advanced and high-impact safe driving awareness program.

It helps students see the impact of distracted driving. The program was paid for with proceeds from a safe driving grant the district won in 2015.

Students began with a student wide assembly and viewed videos and personal stories; including the loss of loved ones. Afterward students were able to participate in driving simulations. The tour provided simulators that gave the students a realistic perspective on the effects of driving while impaired or distracted. Each student had the opportunity to use the simulators.

The school’s Business Professionals of America (BPA) chapter is participating in the National Organization for Youth Safety (NOYS) Seat Belts Save Lives competition. The school was the national champion in 2016 and they hope to repeat again in 2018. BPA officers opened the assembly by explaining the competition and why they feel seat belts are important.

During a seat belt check the previous week only 86% of students were wearing their seat belts. They want to increase this rate to 100% after a two week education program.

Student signed a pledge to wear their seat belt at a table sponsored by Rick Wertz State Farm.

Tina Decker from his office was available all day to talk about the importance of safe driving and gave everyone a chance to win a $25.00 gift card from Buffalo Wild Wings.

Over the next two weeks, Batavia students participated in trivia contests, social media contests, and learn that seat belts really do save lives.