Newest salon trend arrives in Historic Old Milford

They have been popping up all over country. It is the newest trend in the hair and beauty industry and it has come to Old Milford.

It is when an owner of a larger retail space subdivides it into individual salon shops that allow a hair stylist to design their own space for their own business.

Each individual hairstylist pays rent for the opportunity to run their own salon business. The concept has taken the industry by storm because of the appeal to the hairstylist and their customers.

It provides a private space designed by the hair stylist for their guests to enjoy a personalized salon experience.

The new salon in Old Milford is called Salon 2200 and is located at 453 Main street in the heart of downtown. It has sixteen large suites that have been quickly occupied with some of the top hairstylists in Cincinnati.

What makes Salon 2200 unique is that it was done in collaboration with a 25+ year veteran hairstylist named Paula Fitzpatrick who collaborated on the project. Paula states “it is not only a unique, comfortable place with luxurious suites for clients, but a salon suite designed by a hairstylist for a hairstylist”. Paula has worked for many of the top salons in Cincinnati and jumped at that the opportunity to create something special for Milford.

She says “what I love about Salon 2200 is its open, charming, small town design, that invites clients to walk in and feel comfortable as they make their way to their hairstylist.

It is so comfortably designed with modern accents but maintains the historic charm of Milford.

When you walk through the Salon there is exposed brick, awnings, lamp posts that resemble small store fronts. Each salon has their own design, color and personality inspired by the stylist as if it was their own unique hair salon. The array of salon suites feel like you are walking down the street of a small shopping village. It is a beautiful place to see, have your hair cut, colored and styled. makes it easy to book an appointment.”

Salon 2200 is open now and new patrons are invited to stop in and see what Old Milford now has to offer.