Letter to the Editor:
Miami Twp. Trustee candidate’s missing signs a growing concern

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter with the hope of reaching the residents of Miami Township, as well as all adult readers of your publication. As adults, we need to lead by example because our children are watching our actions and questioning our virtues.

My name is Angela Colwell. I am running for Miami Township Trustee. I married my husband, Donny Colwell, on July 7, 2001 in Loveland, Ohio. We have two children who attend McCormick Elementary School in Loveland. I am a Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant who works with Miami Township and Clermont County children with special needs.

I am writing this letter to let you know how our adult actions affect our children.

On Tuesday October 3rd, exactly 5 weeks before the upcoming November 7th election, I drove throughout Miami Township and placed my campaign signs along several roads. I ended the job around 8:00 pm and by 7:00 am the following morning most of my signs were missing. I had to work on Wednesday so my Aunt contacted Miami Township and Clermont County officials to ask if they removed the signs. All departments she spoke to confirmed they did not and would not remove the signs. From what we could tell, only my campaign signs were missing.

My children overheard me speaking to my husband about the signs. They are young and innocent. My eight year old continued to ask about the signs for the next few days. I could tell he felt uneasy about the situation.

One of the reasons I am running for Miami Township Trustee is to make sure we have enough police, fire, and emergency medical service personnel for our growing community.

With over 42,000 residents in Miami Township I want to make sure everyone is as safe and secure as possible. I want to work together with our residents and public employees to create a secure future for our children, our parents and ourselves.

While my children represent only my family, they deserve to feel safe in their community. As adults, we need to remember how our actions affect the next generation. Instead of seeing my campaign as a way to get more involved in our community and something positive, my son sees it as something negative.

To those who have removed my signs, I ask that you get to know me and give me the opportunity to serve you. All I have ever wanted was to make a difference in the lives of others. If I am elected as a Miami Township Trustee, I will listen to your needs and work to serve you.


Angela Colwell
Voters for Angela Colwell
Miami Township Trustee Candidate