Marc Hoover:
Trump and Kim Jong-un should have a PPV fight

My co-worker and I are both MMA fans. I have watched it since Royce Gracie was showcasing his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills and crushing all challengers. Of course MMA has come a long way since those days. The UFC now has weight classes and different divisions. The fighters are also more prepared. Previous fighters looked as if they had just slid off a bar stool. The days of watching a 500 pound sumo wrestler fighting a 245 pound Karate guy are long gone.

Marc Hoover

My co-worker and I got into a conversation about pay-per-view fighting (PPV). The Mayweather and McGregor fight was a major success and both fighters made millions. It now seems like everyone is trying to make money from PPV. Recently, George Foreman challenged Steven Seagal to a PPV fight. Sorry George, no way am I paying to watch you fight some guy that looks like an evil villain from a video game.

So here’s an idea for the next block buster PPV. I know this will never happen, but imagine Donald Trump stepping into the ring again Kim Jong-un. I am betting that Donald Trump would do it if he could. He’s that kind of crazy. I could see him participating in this madness. Seriously, the guy was throwing paper towels to people in Puerto Rico who had just lost their homes. But he’s the president so he cannot participate in such a barbaric event. I am also guessing his security detail and family members wouldn’t permit Trump to do this either.

This is also the same guy who attacked the NFL on Twitter and used derogatory language to describe players who chose to kneel for the national anthem. The only question is would North Korea’s pipsqueak dictator be willing to engage in fisticuffs with the American president? I don’t think he would. Kim is a bully and is used to having other people do his fighting. Furthermore, he doesn’t resemble any type of physical specimen that would last more than a few minutes in an actual fight.

I can only imagine the billions that could be made from such a fight. It reminds me of my childhood days. Whenever I had an issue with other kids, my father would put us together and let us settle the dispute with our fists. And after the fight, we would shake hands and everything was fine.

I think people from all over the world would pay big money to watch Trump fight Kim Jong-un. The possibilities are interesting. Who wouldn’t want to see Trump put on some boxing gloves and pound North Korea’s dictator into oatmeal? I would pay good money to watch such a fight. I am guessing many North Koreans would secretly love to see Trump deliver an old-fashioned butt whooping.

Of course the weigh-in would be perfect. Trump and Kim Jong-un would stand face to face and shout obscenities at each other. Kim would need to stand on a stool or phonebook since Trump has the height advantage.

I would love to watch Kim speak in his native Korean and call out Trump. An MMA style fight would be a great way for these two enemies to settle their differences. Both parties could draw up a contract which would require the loser give up his political position. Maybe some entrepreneur will read this and try to get this fight arranged. Stay tuned.

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