Local cemeteries restore graves

Since 2015, Batavia Union Cemetery and Olive Branch Cemetery has contracted with Graveyard Groomer, John Walters, on a project to restore damaged headstone monuments. Batavia Township and Batavia Union Cemetery started this project following a Graveyard Restoration Workshop conducted by Graveyard Groomer, sponsored by Batavia Union Cemetery in June of 2014.

Each spring, for the past three years, John “Walt” Walters and the Graveyard Groomer crew has come and spent 5 days in the Batavia Union Cemetery and Olive Branch Cemetery, completing restorations and cleaning some of the oldest headstone monuments in the cemeteries.

This restoration project is funded by the Batavia Township and the Village of Batavia.

The Batavia Union Cemetery and Batavia Township plans to continue this project each year as long as the funds are available.

The Batavia Union Cemetery Board and Batavia Township Trustees believe this project is simply a show of respect for ancestors who have passed before us, and is a preservation of history.

Besides preservation projects, the Batavia Union Cemetery Board has been progressive, with the addition of a 24 niche Columbarium with future expansions with additional columbarium.

The Cemetery Board currently allows for double burials on a single lot, where possible in the cemetery.

The progressive options for residents will extend the working life of the cemetery.