Letter to the Editor:
The proposed tax cuts don’t help middle class

Rob Portman’s praising the Trump Administration’s plan to cut taxes for the wealthy is bad. They claim that their proposal would relieve middle-class families of a tax burden, but it doesn’t. When asked who he thought the middle class was, Portman said it was families who make $150,000 a year. That is not the middle class, and that sort of statement shows Portman is out of touch.

Only one out of 10 Ohio families make $150,000 each year. I wish Rob Portman would represent Ohio families like mine instead of the top 10 percent of Ohio families.

And under the Republican plan, I will only receive a 0.5 percent cut in my taxes, while the top 1 percent will receive 80 percent of the total benefit that is gained by this proposal, according to the Tax Policy Center.

Rob Portman should be looking out for the families that make up the TRUE middle class. Last year, people like me who make around $50,000 a year only got a 3.2 percent increase in their income.

Sen. Rob Portman must focus on families like mine that barely got a raise, instead of trying to help his wealthy donors, who have been doing just fine.

Constance Lighthall
New Richmond