Letter to the Editor:
Mother, daughter duo could lead in New Richmond after election

To the editor: 

Flowers and lunch may be the tradition, but nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day”, on any given day, like serving on the village council with your Mom. After the November 7th election, this could be reality in our town, New Richmond, Ohio! With over 20 years of public service to the village, (Rev.) Minta Colvin (my mother), who some consider the matriarch of our community; is a walking book of knowledge with experience and integrity! With the support of the SMART EDUCATED VOTERS, Colvin and daughter, Karey Herrin (my sister), could be seated on Council together.

At least that is the hope as a step to putting our town on a POSITIVE PATH FORWARD. Both, Minta and Karey, are running for elected council positions; so consider public service to be in their DNA.

My sisters, Karey, entire life has been “led by example”. Mom didn’t just “preach” so much about giving back to community — it was a natural thing for all ten of us children to long for. It was the way we were raised.

While my mom and sister may not work on the same issues that our community faces; simply because groups of three council members are given positions on different committees to explore the many topics so the entire council can debate the options with the best interest of the entire town at hand.


While this mother-daughter pair would mark a “historically unique” moment for our village (our community is full of bright and colorful history), their family ties won’t be an issue. Minta and Karey are both free-thinking people that have a great deal of love and compassion for our town and the success of it. They are people that I know very well that have a great deal of ethics, morals and honest values. Both have faced plenty of criticism during this campaign thus far; with a “frivolous” Protest Complaint filed against them both by Mayor, Ramona Carr and Council Member, Paul Vanderbosch with a VICTORIOUS unanimous win of 4:0 from the Board of Elections; proves they are worthy of serving our community and UNSTOPPABLE! They will make the best decisions for New Richmond, no matter what. My sister, Karey, has said she “considers it an honor to serve with mom. I am following in her footsteps, but no one will ever fill her shoes.”

I support Minta Colvin and Karey Herrin for New Richmond Village Council, will you?

Kohle Herrin