Letter to the Editor:
Leading the next labor movement

As the President’s promise to bring back jobs and invest in “Buy American, Hire American” flops, as job creation continues to fall below expectations, as unemployment rises, and as union representation hits an all-time low, American workers are suffering at the hands of corporate America.

Profits are through the roof in Wall Street, but more than 42% of workers in the U.S. make less than $15 an hour. CEO’s are raking in billions, but apparently they don’t think they can give their workers a wage they can live on. Companies across the country are doing phenomenal in this capitalist economy, but moving overseas so they don’t have to pay their laborers as much doesn’t bother them.

It’s time for the next labor movement. It’s time to stand up to the corporate establishment.

A living wage would supply workers from all backgrounds–black, white, hispanic, asian, gay, straight, young, and old–with a future where they can live in dignity and comfortability, not one where they have to live on the streets or in poverty–like 45 million of our fellow Americans. Providing American workers with union representation in the workplace would give them negotiating power against a system rigged against them. Paid family leave would allow our workers to raise and ensure their children are being taken care of and are healthy without having to worry about how they were going to pay for their next meal. Closing the wage gap would finally guarantee all Americans that no matter whether you’re a man or a woman, you will be paid the same for the same work.

We live in the richest country on the planet, but it is the rich who have all the money. It is time that our system starts to give back to American workers and laborers.

It’s time for the next labor movement.

Alex Berrones