Letter to the Editor:
Goshen Twp. Police Dept.: Trying to bring awareness of ‘safe haven’ laws for infants

Sgt. Jeff Wolf with the Goshen Township Police Department.

Dear Editor,

Child abandonment laws, otherwise known as safe haven laws, currently exist in all 50 states.

This offers an alternative to mothers who are unwilling or unable to care for a newborn, who may otherwise be tempted to abandon their child in unsafe places.

Sgt. Jeff Wolf with the Goshen Township Police Department.

In 2001 Ohio enacted such a law. It provides sanctity for newborns whose parents, for whatever reason, do not want the child and/or cannot provide for the child’s well-being.

Parent(s) may deliver to any hospital, emergency medical service provider or law enforcement agency in the state of Ohio, a newborn that is thirty-days old or younger without any legal ramifications.

A birth parent who wishes to utilize the safe haven law can bring their infant to any public service provider listed above, including the Goshen Township Police or EMS Departments, and they do not have to give their name or any other information. They are encouraged to provide basic health information if known.

Raising awareness is key. Thanks to Ohio’s safe haven law, there is no reason to discard or otherwise recklessly abandon an infant.

Simply take the infant to a hospital, police department, or EMS department and we’ll take it from there.  


Sgt. Jeff Wolf
Goshen Township Police
6757 Goshen Road
Goshen, OH 45122
(513) 722-3200