Clermont County man indicted for murder, could face death penalty

By Megan Alley
Sun staff

The Clermont County man accused of killing his girlfriend and her unborn child on Aug. 30 in Goshen Township could face the death penalty.

Steven Todd Mages, 38 years old, with “ties” to Bethel and Northern Kentucky, according to police, was indicted by a Clermont County grand jury on Oct. 3 in connection to the killing of 35-year-old Natasha Marie Wilson and her unborn child.

Mages faces three counts of aggravated murder, all of which include the death penalty specification, one count of attempted murder, two counts of kidnapping, one count of domestic violence and one count of grand theft of a motor vehicle, according to Clermont County Prosecuting Attorney Vincent Faris.

Judge Victor Haddad is handling the case.

On Oct. 4, the court ruled that no bond may be posted for Mages, who is currently in the Clermont County Jail.

As reported in the Sept. 7 edition of The Clermont Sun, on Aug. 30, just before 5 a.m., police arrived at the 1300 block of Norma Lana in Goshen Township for a domestic disturbance call. Police said they found Wilson at that time.

Police said Mages ran in his Ford Taurus. Mages was arrested later that day.

Mages had at least three domestic violence charges against him, including a charge of hitting a pregnant woman, but only one led to a conviction, in 2004.

Those charges involved a different woman than Wilson. Also in 2004, Mages was convicted of aggravated menacing and violated his parole by failing to complete an anger management program with the Community Correctional Center.

In the summer of 2016, Mages was charged with theft and spent 45 days in jail before being released in January of this year.