Grant Career Center Equine Science students participate at the Special Olympics Equestrian

Sonni Seikbert and Hunter Higginbotham

On Sunday, August 20, 2017, Grant Career Center Instructor Mr. Shawn McDaniel and Special Education Director Mrs. Katie Daulton made their second annual trip with Grant Career Center Students to the Special Olympics Equestrian events held at Winton Woods State Park.

Sonni Seikbert and Hunter Higginbotham

Sonni Seikbert, a current Senior in the Equine Science program at Grant Career Center received 5th in both Showmanship and Western Horsemanship. Hunter Higginbotham an alumni of Grant Career Center received gold in Showmanship, bronze in Western Horsemanship and Working Trail. “These two young individuals have worked very hard to accomplish these goals,” said McDaniel. An awesome experience, to say the least. We all endured a long, hard day in the heat. Grant staff encouraged the students to strive for their best. Students concentrated on perfection, and peers and alumni offered hours of support.” McDaniel spends hours working with his students to help them succeed, and he is proud of their dedication throughout the school year as well as their summers.

With the addition of the new Animal Science Facility in the fall of 2014, Grant Career Center welcomed two new programs: Veterinary Science and Equine Science. Since then, these two programs have been growing each year. The Equine Science program prepares students to enter the equine industry offering numerous career paths including equine health care, horse breeding, training, and instructing. Students learn equine breeding, genetics and nutrition while getting hands-on experiences in English and western horseback riding, grooming, and equine management.

Students work with horses on a daily basis to gain the knowledge and the skills needed to work in an equine facility and be prepared for a college education.