Christopher Myers:
Myers’ school unity goal at the Congress

Christopher Myers

When traditional-school families unite, one of our own will take our congressional seat, restore the widespread constituency, and that is not Pyrrhic victory; that—is glory!

Although ninety-one percent of pre-kindergarten through grade-twelve students attend public schools, and no matter countless suggestion in congressional law, our schools have never formally unified.

Choose this election what our electorate will be like in two years!

As our congressional Representative Steve Myers my hardworking dad will paladin unifying all schools, colleges, and universities traditional and public as United Schools on the Education and Workforce Committee! The legislation also makes sure services from school taxes are only given for public learners, and building time only given for scholastic kind or public programs.

U.S. Batavia, U.S. East Hamilton, U.S. Eastern Brown, U.S. Loveland, U.S. Milford, U.S. New Richmond, U.S. Norwood, U.S. Sycamore, U.S. West Clermont, U.S. Western Brown, U.S. Williamsburg, U.S. Withrow, and more U.S. schools will deliver modality in teambuilding learning and health, support for buildings, child resettlements, teacher placement, subject credit transfers, district upgrades with civic ettle, universal post-secondary admission, and publicate lending for United Schools college students!

Like Steve, I believe schooling’s heart to be words, behavior, sense, manner, and attire. Those life skills become even greater in most careers after college. I am thankful to embolden my dad as Steve gives Ohio’s bad leadership a piece of mind. School unification strengthening never arose until now with Steve Myers!

School unification helps higher learners by holding elections and equivalent ratios of student-to-appointee seats on respective public university boards, and all seats’ duty to vote while serving!

We must fearlessly guide and build schools youths need so they are neither poor nor bring meretriciousness which shapes talk of way of life to seem bad. Schools are steering the way citizens—those deftly called “taxpayers”—seek to better schools with least help from companies. Today, schools are shaping bans as to junk “food” and guns, and are gardening in their zones of learning throughout the land.

Unification bestows undergraduate debt absolution for United Schools learners who continue from preschool, and the legislation will include a deadline for the Internal Revenue Service to return rebates to those indebted by student loans who file on time.

While students already may attend schools in border districts through a patchwork of weird ways, “local control” is rampant fodder for excusing interstate comparisons during partisan state-sponsored deregulation and cutting. Suggesting a loss of some kind, this marginalization conjures relativism, stereotypes, and falsehoods that private setups bring better careers.

Common Core drove state-to-state schooling on comprehension, toward a shrewd wholesomeness. Ill will undermines the steadiness gained under the law, urging “local control”—the very problem why Philadelphia is ground-one for “charters” today, whilst neighboring Upper Merion schools overtake all standards.

The tax for charters siphoning off counties in Ohio’s gerrymandered Congressional District 2 is greater than $36,564,006.00. Clermont’s own charter pawning is burgeoning at more than $2,202,592.00. Traditional school staffs are under-thanked. Now this year, the GOP is giving away $310 million for vouchers using Ohio taxes to private, mostly so-called religious “schools” and congressional GOP thieves want more than $20 billion in unitary taxes to be dumped on charters and vouchers in the next year.

It plays down to write that if you do not vote tyrants out we will be giving yearly vouchers for individual students to attend portrayals of “schools.” We would be saying bye to public appreciation, civic intelligence, and normative instruction by compounding the Trifecta of the Moral Majority, Federalist Society, and transaction paradigm with “school choice” lollies.

There is no thought in not only enforcing traditional schools! With the abolishment, or phasing out, of boards of education, some exurbs are making municipal school departments, ending years of awful politicking on boards. Steve has buffly supported all-around enrichments to traditional schools while other voices retch “disabled/gifted/my child/your child” qualms.

Ohio’s Supreme Court has ruled school doles not constitutional as they are, many times, using telling descriptions for blatantly misguiding Ohio children and staffs.

After a yokel on a school board here urged traditional schools’ eradication and promulgated they would “slay the dragon that is public education,” deliberate infractions following the inveighing give way that, from the hinterland, unitary school policy usurp errancy at the congressional side, Ohio side, and board side.

Each of Clermont’s citizens is prompted and eager for the change of Ohio Congressional District 2. With traditional schools, learners, and teachers scapegoated, stand with Steve and the free world!

Citizens will find with these changes that stronger schools are the best environments for leading youths to better heights. Southwest Ohio can elect a congressperson to Capitol Hill in 2018 and they must be Rep. Myers.