Steve Myers:
Higher wages Myers’ biggest goal in OH-02 election

Steve Myers

Join my nonpartisan progress for congressional Representative in Ohio’s District 2, for our 2018 election. Help grow Ohio’s nonpartisan movement!

If you live in Adams, Clermont, Brown, eastern Hamilton, Highland, Pike, southern Ross, or western Scioto counties, you get to vote on Tuesday 6 November 2018 to end the forty-two years of neglect in Ohio Congressional District 2!

My leading goal is making unitary wage law so wages rise with gross national productivity—what nationals make worldwide—and people are paid through direct deposit at the end of every shift! This commonsense, upwardly policy is called the socialwage, and grants purchasing speed by strengthening earnings between working people and their bosses, and helping families quicken where their earnings go.

Our socialwage law will also standard worker-to-boss compensation brackets. The boundaries therein are so rather than gaming the workload, attentions are exchanged between personnel.

Legitimating the socialwage for our country is dire for less debt, for healthier meals, for our community health, for fair earnings, for ending income disproportion and pauperization, for world-class school districts, for affordable child help, for stronger building, for better safety, for more businesses, and for smarter longtime spending.

The socialwage strengthens wage-based programs such as Social Security!

A contrast to a dynamic model of representation is electing someone who will vote on one’s dissonance with a winner-makes-decisions approach—a pawn that takes digressive causes’ money for reelection bidding while gaining off one’s own awful time waste at our district’s loss. And that waste is what I am running against now in the 2018 cycle! I stand as the best change for our seat: A Representative and freethinking nonpartisan who works always for you!

The 1970s to 1990s trifecta of the Moral Majority, Federalist Society, and financial paradigm spawned civic meaninglessness that grows today. The Congress sees my work with the thought of helping citizens fulfill job and military tasks. With singlepayor health, veterans’ kinsake will not be forgotten beneath wanton partisanship—or neglected for undertakings that abandon welfare.

We will send a green-collar leader for our most riparian district for stronger environmental jobs—instead of a truculent officeholder who ignorantly votes against clean power and against climate change commonsense by our Congress!

Fearing in the years 2003 to 2015 sidetracked us from many great matters. As Representative, I will vote for enforcing public schools, simplifying government, strengthening our outdated electoral process, ratifying the Denizen Amendment, banning nuclear energy, breaking up presently hoarded clean energy patents into the nonprofit sector, provisioning insurance on firearms and bullets, making Social Security a lockbox, forming a credit amnesty measure that uses individual and public health-incentive, enacting a new Glass-Steagall law, bringing green-collar careers to CECOS and other hazardous locations as new E.P.A. Superfund sites, and initiating a fiberoptic currency called the eco.

Today, we have lost years to fullest hatred, institutional abandonment, and willful ignorance! For too long the old Northwest has been overlooked for both coastal and select metropolitan favor in publicate works and leadership. In making sure any nominee for appointment to courts is never affiliated with a political party and more updates, we can stop the Trifecta of the Moral Majority, Federalist Society, and financial paradigm once and for all!

Humans have zirconic drives—we need small working tasks each day for our happiness. In health and sense, I am fit to be congressional Representative, and I welcome compeers to live your best too!

My holistic wellbeing approach includes expanding public coverage to wellness and fitness programs and gyms, while ending poverty and advance public health, under a bold package called Americana.This includes a public, singlepayor eye/health/tooth program for all treatment that is not pharmaceutical! The Americana Act shapes Medicare to be the only, singlepayor nonprofit and nongovernmental entity responsible for all drug coverage.

Due to the loss of my father at age thirteen and my record of youth engagement in District 2, I know children juggle, and are forced into much they should not deal with today: I will never be sorry for my belief that compulsory voting must come at twelve years! I was Clermont Youth Employment Counselor from 1980 to 1983, and Clermont Grand Jury Foreman from 2000 to 2001, hearing hundreds of cases including one resulting in tougher punishments for adults who murder youths. I coached sports from 1980 to 2005.

In a showing of love, I hosted the First Clermont Education Summit at Pattison Park in Owensville, noon to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday 24 March 2012.

I am still steering school fairness! I have always supported gathered knowledge learning—allowing students performance aside their classes in fields they wish to pursue, and having class to fine their trials. High school “take and retake” is much better for student bravery than grade point average. Students would only be allowed to retake once each year, and the retake would be from the first semester. Grading is helpful from grades first through sixth, whereas looser grading with more feedback is better for grades seventh and eighth.

Public schooling is the highest rights need today! The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 has become the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015—but is on track to repeal as of January 2017. Words make learning! The guidelines in this redone law are for standards of student comparison, without reference to what is compared such as public schools to private setups, and not civics.

The standards leads me to give our hinterland—Ohio mostly—as leader in holding the future United Schools Roundtable. The Ohio University has the Congress’s fulfilled charter means to have such room near to it as seat for an assembly building to recommend instrumentation of United Schools. Such an institution here will make great work of the hinterland’s dialectical prowess.

Words, behavior, sense, manner, and attire are the ettle of schooling. At its best, schooling teaches us how to find drive and overcome feelings of guilt. The idea of school shines from wording, pulling it together rather than crumbling to lewdness like citizenship before our eyes. Learning is environmented.

There is more congressional laws must do to help learners across the United States. While schools can have bylaws, the Trifecta of the Moral Majority, Federalist Society, and financial paradigm tossed civic practices by neoliberally privatizing affordable public lending for “alternative providers,” which I stand against. Schools, colleges, and universities must stop conferring obsolete titles such as class rank and honorary denotations. Enlightened schools have also already gotten rid of ornaments like Latin honors, valedictorian, and salutatorian.

Schools must make sure every student pursues athletics. The desegregation of the sexes in sporting is needed. As well, penmanship helps learners understand our Anglyc matters and appreciate their own writing!

The drawback put toward schooling during the Bush presidency, with Bush’s party in control of both houses of the Congress, other than its mishandling during world tumult, was that states lessened school budgets to attempt to counterpoise “No Child Left Behind”—moreover mistreatment of the collective economy caused many schools to falter without what they needed.

From 2009 to 2017 doltish White House attention toward public schools, a true affront to public dynamism, increased the disaster with constant queues to private setups and misled our nation toward the crime ensuing now. The occupant’s lack of U.S. public student life—and their doltish appointee’s, who was “CEO” of Chicago’s schools, sectualizing of schools’ constitutionality—were harbingers of the dismal crisis with which we all grapple.

Students from private nonprofit setups who enroll in normative education will take a crisp, introductory course to schools! There will be a lighter introduction for United Schools students who move to a new United School, but they will need to meet their new compeers. While “internet schooling” and “homeschooling” will be abolished, those pupils who then move into public schools will attend public “success academies” rather than schools, until the last of those gets their General Education Development certificate.

Students from public high schools will have admittance priority to public colleges and universities. A college applicant assessment for wholesomeness is the way to go. Priority admittance between wholesome applicants from public schools and private setups is given to the public student before the private pupil.

Affirmative admission miscommonalting, a civil theft and partisan tyranny, stirs us mindfully and highlights the need for photography, or otherwise group-on-ones, for each year’s admissions. There is no way for this affirmative action with the drawings herein.

We are also mindful about the disparity between the sexes in admissions, which demands end! Lout, partisan pitches to public colleges and universities cannot ease the direness for unification that Bush, Bush’s successor, and their devotees gave rise to.

I am asking you to stand with our Independent movement, the nonpartisan future, and the socialwage!

Policy is about freedom and health in all ways. Join my progress today!

Steve Myers is the Independent candidate for congressional Representative in Ohio District 2. See more at RepMyers.US.