Letter to the Editor:
Let’s celebrate freedom, faith and family July 4th!

“Tis time to celebrate America’s birthday on Tuesday, July 4th!

Those brave men who signed the Declaration of Independence on that historic day in 1776 risked their fortunes, and their very lives.

To learn about the sacrifice they made, just read the book written by David Barton of Wallbuilders.

FREEDOM: how do we celebrate this day just 241 years later?

Many Americans spend this holiday by the pool or enjoying a grillout with friends. They seldom remember those veterans who served here or on foreign soil fighting for the freedom they have today. Freedom is not free! Those vets, both old and young, gave some and some gave all! When you see one be sure to thank him and thank GOD for his service and the sacrifice he made.

FAITH: When we see ‘ole glory’ waving in the breeze or held high in a parade on July 4th, take time to recall just what that flag stands for – remember those who died fighting for that flag.

Let’s think and talk about those Godly foundations upon which this beloved nation was built. Let’s sing ‘God Bless the U.S.A’.

FAMILY: Of course celebrate America’s birthday with fun, food, and fireworks with your family and friends. But don’t forget to support your town’s annual events. Tell your children to wave flags and clap as those ‘vets’, our true heroes, march by.

Here’s an invite to attend the annual “GOD and Country Concert” to be held on Sunday evening, July 2nd in New Richmond at the First Baptist Church, 213 Western Avenue at 7 p.m. There will be patriotic hymns by the Community Choir, special music by John Hale, our music ambassador, as well as other soloists. Area pastors will pray for our country, our county, our community and ‘hometown heroes’. All vets will be recognized. Let’s celebrate America’s birthday and enjoy some red, white & blue cupcakes following the service.

God bless America – America bless God.

Libbie Bennett, Chair of County Task Force, National Day of Prayer.