Marc Hoover:
The lessons I learned from ‘Wonder Woman’

Marc Hoover

I finally got a chance to see the Wonder Woman movie that has done so well at the box office. I have been a Wonder Woman fan since childhood. I also have a few Wonder Woman comic books and remember watching Lynda Carter play the amazing Amazon so many years ago. Gal Gadot, the former Israeli beauty queen who served time in the Israeli army, did an excellent job of portraying Wonder Woman on the big screen.

Marc Hoover

The movie had so much action that I barely even remember the plot. Regardless, I found the movie entertaining. Throughout the movie, I picked up some excellent points I found applicable to our own lives. Here are three lessons I picked up from this movie:

1) Some people are just evil: In the movie, a German officer and a woman scientist were obsessed with creating a gas that would kill millions. After Wonder Woman killed the main villain, she assumed the war would end and evil would disappear. She soon learned that life doesn’t work this way. For instance, history has shown us that men like Adolph Hitler, Idi Amin, Jim Jones, and Ted Bundy were just evil. These men killed other people for their own self-serving reasons. They didn’t care about innocent people or anyone else. They never showed any compassion for humanity or preserving life. They only focused on taking life away. These men were evil and no court of law on the planet could change them.

2) Love and compassion can save our planet: Although there is much evil, crime and corruption on this planet, humans continue to survive and thrive. Even with so much evil, it’s the compassion and generosity from good people that preserve humanity. We have caseworkers, mission workers, nurses, doctors, police officers, firefighters, and military members who have devoted themselves to caring for others and preserving the lives of countless others. The world has enough good people to protect our society from those who would do it harm.

3) Loyalty to a cause is important: As people, we have values and loyalties to certain causes. For instance, I am a former Hamilton County Job and Family Services employee. Our agency cared for the elderly, abused children and the indigent. I also spent time in the military. As a soldier, I was prepared to stand by other soldiers and defend our country from foreign invaders. During WWII, millions died protecting the ideals and values of their families, friends and countrymen. A loyalty to preserving freedom has sent millions to their deaths.

Wonder Woman was an Amazon from Paradise Island. On her island, Amazons had strong values and were willing to sacrifice themselves against Aries—the God of War. The beliefs shared in the movie were based on ideals many of us have carried with us since childhood. Most of us care about others and try to help those in need.

We also appreciate the value of family and friendship. Without either, life doesn’t amount to much.

As a child, I used to ask my mother the eternal question: Why am I here and what’s my purpose? My mother had the best answer. She said that people are here for others. So we aren’t even here for ourselves. We are here to help our fellow man and ease the suffering of those who are in great pain. So if you get an opportunity to see Wonder Woman, make sure to pay close attention to the dialogue between Wonder Woman and Captain Steve Trevor. The characters share a loyalty to those they love and live to eradicate evil people who want to destroy our world. Sure, the movie is fictional, but the values of the characters from the movie are real.

Marc is a grandparent and longtime resident of Clermont County. Visit his author page Life with Grandpa and he also just wrote Just Bite Me: A Guide to Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, and Other Walking Nightmares, which is available on