2017 Clermont County Beer Fest

The Clermont County Convention and Visitors Bureau in collaboration with Mt. Carmel Brewing Company, Old Firehouse Brewery, Narrow Path Brewery, Lehr’s Prime Market and Valley View Foundation are proud to present the 2017 Clermont County Beer Fest.

Lehr’s Prime Market will host the first beer fest in Clermont County on June 23, which will feature all three breweries who call Clermont County home. The beer fest was created as an associated event from the city’s Beer Week which is running from June 18-24th as a way to celebrate the county’s local breweries.

“The idea of creating Clermont County’s beer fest was discussed in a meeting between local attractions and breweries and we knew right then that the Visitors Bureau wanted to be a part of this event,” said Margaret Bedilion, Sales and Events Manager for the Clermont County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

“This is an excellent platform for our local breweries to show off their delicious beers. The food, drinks and music is going to create fun entertainment for the whole family and we are hoping for a great crowd,” she added.

The event will be held at Lehr’s Prime Market Friday June 23 from 4:00-8:00pm. Lehr’s will provide a variety of food to go along side your beverage and will host their “Smokin Friday Menu” which features beef brisket, ribs, amish fryers and pulled pork.

For more information about Clermont County’s Beer Fest you can visit the Visitor Bureau’s website at http://visitclermontohio.com/event/clermont-countys-beer-fest/.