Sweet Bliss Bakery & Coffee opens its doors

By Brett Milam

City of Milford residents have a new fix for their sweet tooth needs: Sweet Bliss Bakery & Coffee on Main Street.

The new establishment held its official ribbon cutting on May 11, with Mayor Laurie Howland, Board of County Commissioner Edwin Humphrey and Milford Miami Township Chamber of Commerce members present.

“Congratulations on your grand opening,” Humphrey said.

Howland said she likes the shops in the area being mom and pops and this newest addition is “overwhelming.”

“Overwhelmingly exciting; I have no other way to describe it,” Howland said. “It’s beautiful. Look how packed it is. It’s cupcakes and doughnuts.”

Howland added, “It’s also overwhelmingly exciting when a new business opens on Main Street. Thank you for investing in our city.”

On the day of the ribbon cutting, the business was packed with people lining up for the cupcakes made from scratch or the variety of specialty coffee drinks. There’s even a topping bar for the doughnuts and cupcakes.

Aside from the food and drink choices, there’s t-shits, coffee mugs, coffee, birthday candles and birthday cards all for sale.

Owner Kim Hughes was nearly in tears ahead of the ribbon cutting at the line out the door – something she has been working on and “banking on” since October.

“I love this little town,” Hughes said.

Her husband Mike, who owns his own electric service and plumbing business, said Kim likes being creative. Mike built all of the cabinets at Sweet Bliss.

Kim said she plans to have a different menu every day, with different flavored cupcakes, for instance.

To keep updated on what’s going on at Sweet Bliss, visit their Facebook page at Facebook.com/SweetBlissMilford.