Mike Arnold:
This is the ‘best time of the year’ to catch that big fish

Howdy Everyone!

Spring is in the air and fishing season is almost here. This is the best time of year to catch that big fish. All fish move shallow to spawn. For blue gill use wax worms and redworms, for crappie use waxworms, jips, and grubs, and for strippers use chickenliver and crankbaits. For catfish, use minnows, night crawlers and chickenlivers, cut bait and dough baits. Large mouth bass – use crankbaits, spinner baits, plastic baits and jigs with trailers. For muskie fishing, use spinner baits on top water. And, if you catch some, please take the time to send a postcard marking your catch. We have postcards at the store (Boar’s Head).

If you like fishing tournaments, we have some starting on April 9th, May 7th, June 11th, June 25th, July 30th, August 13th, August 27th, September 17th and Championship Weekend September 30th – October 1st. These run from 7:00am to 3:00pm on Sundays.

Also in the spring comes turkey season, April 24th to May 21st – 2 birds, bearded only and 1 per day. There is a youth hunt and it is April 22nd and 23rd, also 1 bird per day. This is a great way to start a young person hunting. They can see and hear the bird as it moves closer and closer.

Always be safe and wear your hunter orange and your life jacket when out on the water or in the woods. Be safe. Lets make 2017 a safe and happy year.

Until next time, have a great hunt and catch a big fish.

Boar’s Head Bait & Carryout