Protesters send a letter to Speaker Rosenberger on gerrymandering

On Saturday April 15, Juliet Zavon and Marcia Oganowski (not paid protesters) circulated a letter to Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, and asked attendees at the Tax Rally event, if they would like to sign their name to the letter. In the two-three hours the letter circulators gathered 481 signatures from people at that event alone. Other efforts are underway in various parts of the state to get signatures on the letter. The actual signatures will be mailed to Speaker Rosenberger’s office.

Even though an effort has already started for a ballot initiative in Ohio, the legislature can redraw the maps fairly, without the expense of a formal petition. Even though the presidential election had about 50% for each side (Trump had 52.1%), the balance of representation for these voters in Ohio is 75%-25% in congress for the 16 representatives. Seems to violate the one man one vote concept. The general public wants fair elections. What we have now is safe seats with no competition.

Cliff Rosenberger

Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives

77. S. High St., 14th Floor

Columbus, OH 43215

Dear Mr. Speaker,

If you were called upon to advise a newly minted democracy about setting up its election system, how would you react to a proposed procedure designed to guarantee a majority to a particular political party or religious or ethnic group? Who would call that fair and democratic? Yet that is what we have in Ohio because gerrymandering is the definition of a rigged system.

I want competitive elections. I want districts that don’t split our communities. I do not want to be treated like booty or the spoils of war. I want to be treated like a citizen, not a subject.

I want gerrymandering in Ohio ended, not in 10 years or 15 years. I want it ended now.