Letter to the Editor
Portman selling out schools, environment with Trump picks

I would like to voice a concern I have with our Senator, Rob Portman. Senator Portman voted to confirm Mrs. DeVos, selling out our Ohio schools. He has stated he will vote for Mr. Pruitt, thereby selling out Ohio’s environment. To make matters worse, if it can get any worse: He is planning to confirm Mr. Sessions. A vote for Mr. Sessions is selling out Ohio’s integrity.

This is truly a sad and scary time. Senator Portman has six years to destroy many of the great qualities of Ohio. Our public schools are doing a good job educating our children. No schools are perfect, but ours is most certainly adequate. We have doctors, lawyers, engineers, nurses and many, many other professions who are educated in our public schools. There is a definite need for separation of church and state. Federal money should never be used for schools with religious ties. This country was founded on religious freedom. Our forefathers saw the chaos created by religion in government. In the words of George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.”

Michigan has already experienced the results of greed and lack of following regulations. Mr. Pruitt does not care about air, land or water pollution. He cares about corporations making money. He does not care about destroying the land. The children of Flint will never fully recover from the lead poisoning. This is just the tip of the iceberg with no regulations protections our air, land or water. Mr. Pruitt will destroy our environment. Senator Portman has stated he will vote yes for Mr. Pruitt. Senator Portman has betrayed the people of Ohio.

Ohio is a welcoming state of all cultures of life. We have a very diverse population of people. We don’t care if our neighbors are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Pagan, Hindu, etc. We don’t care if our neighbors are white, black, Latino, American Indian, etc. We welcome all religions and colors. We care that our neighbors are good people with values. We are people who will offer a hand up when our neighbors are in need. This is not what Mr. Sessions reflects. He is very prejudiced and a bigot. The state of our country does not need a white supremacist in a position of integrity and authority. We already have Steve Bannon in the White House. Senator Portman has stated he will vote yes for Jeff Sessions. Once again, Senator Portman has betrayed his voters.

I am deeply upset and troubled by my Senator. Rob Portman is voting to confirm all these poorly chosen cabinet picks. He is voting totally against what the people of his district want. Mrs. DeVos made a $51,000 campaign contribution to him. If the voters of Ohio had known $51,000 could buy him, we could have raised that much money just to save our schools.

I realize I am just a single voter, a nobody. However: There are 38,000 of us who made our presence known at Senator Portman’s offices. He obviously chose not to hear us. I am writing to you because another senator suggested writing letters to newspapers. Therefore, I have picked 53 newspapers to send this to. I hope you will take these issues as serious as I do.

Voters do not forget senators who sell out their children’s education, water, air and integrity.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Teresa Dodd