Weekend Walker: Peaceful Acres Lavender Festival

Summer is the perfect time to combine sightseeing and recreation with nature walks. While researching summer outings, we were surprised to find many tourist attractions and festivals have nature trails, so we planned excursions that included trails. One such event is the Peaceful Acres Lavender Festival located at the Peaceful Acres Lavender Farm at 2387 Martinsville Rd. in Martinsville, Ohio, 45146. The festival takes place every June, on the summer solstice weekend, and is free to the public. The farm is open other times as well. Be sure to call them at 513-322-2415 to see when they are open, as their website is not kept up to date.

Kathy Pfeiffer
The farm is in the country, parking right off the road in a field, so come prepared. We sloshed through mud last year, so brought muck boots, insect repellent, and cool clothing this year, and did not need the boots. We arrived at noon on June 20 and it was sunny, temperature 85 degrees, with a nice breeze. The farm is in the middle of a field, in an area that is flat as far as you can see. With nothing to stop the wind, it made for a much-needed breeze as the farm area and trails are on a field without woods or shade.

As you enter the farm, you see the lovely lines of lavender plants, and signs pointing to the trail area. The trail is a mowed path through a field of waist-high grass, wild flowers and plants. It meanders along with turns and circular areas to keep it interesting. There are surprises along the way too as it follows the edge of an alpaca and llama farm at one point, you come to a lively chicken coop a little later, and soon find a pen of baby goats. There is also a natural rest area with seating.

We walked the trail, circling around, backtracking at some points, until our pedometer reached one mile, and then headed to a tent that was set up for refreshment at the festival. The only permanent building there is a little store that sells lavender products.

Restrooms: There are several large port-a-potties, with an outdoor sink.

Traffic Noise: There is no traffic noise at all.

Interesting Features: The rows of lavender plants are beautiful, and the shop sells many items made with lavender. The farm is also a wellness center, with services, classes, and workshops available for natural health and healing.

Historic Points of Interest: Martinsville Road has one of the few remaining original covered bridges in Ohio. It was built in 1871 by Zimri Wall and Company, who had built many timber bridges around Clinton County. The bridge crosses Todd’s Fork of the Little Miami River.

Overall Rating: This little gem is high on our list. Driving through farm country to get there was a relaxing way to start the day, and the quiet farm with it’s gentle little trail meandering through the meadow of wildflowers was just the thing help us unwind.

The lavender shop and animals were unique and interesting, making it feel all the more like a special little natural getaway. Even though the festival was a big success with many people attending, we were able to have the trail all to ourselves, and didn’t feel like we were at a big summer event. It was the perfect way to enjoy the best that summer has to offer, quietly soaking up the sun, walking along, feeding our souls with a delightful gift of nature.

Nature enthusiasts Kathy and Greg Pfeiffer challenge parks and trails in the Clermont County area to see which ones are the best walking spots.  To be part of their study, the trails have to be part of a park or natural area that is free to the public and easily accessible from the road. The trails are rated on the condition of the paths, availability of restrooms, traffic noise and interesting features such as historic points of interest and proximity to a wooded area, lake or river.