Eastgate roundabout is now open

One week ahead of schedule, the roundabout at Eastgate South Drive and Clepper Lane is open to traffic.

The new roundabout serves traffic to this busy retail area at five separate entry points (three public roadways and two private property drives). As with any change in traffic patterns, it will take drivers some time to adjust to the new flow of traffic – and we recognize this is especially true for drivers moving through a roundabout.

Please remember that traffic in the roundabout has the right of way, and traffic seeking to enter the roundabout must yield to traffic already circulating through the roundabout. Here are a few other tips from the Federal Highway Administration:

Counterclockwise Flow: Traffic travels counterclockwise around a center island.

Yield before entering: Vehicles entering the roundabout yield to traffic already circulating.

Maintain a slow speed (this is one of the most important safety features of roundabouts – because if there is unfortunately an accident at a roundabout, it is likely to be less severe compared to accidents at traditional intersections, because vehicles are traveling in the same direction at lower speeds.

View an instructional video on how to drive through a roundabout here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DJDjaa25Co&feature=youtu.be