Ohio Secretary of State Husted certifies official election results

Secretary Husted, pictured above, signs the official results for 2014 November General Election.
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted today announced the certification of results for the 2014 General Election.

“Once again Ohio has shown itself to be a leader in elections administration,” Secretary Husted said. “I applaud the work of the more than 40,000 poll workers, local officials and my staff for helping to ensure the voters experienced a well-run election this past November.”

Secretary Husted certified results for the following races: Governor; Attorney General; Auditor of State; Secretary of State; Treasurer of State; U.S. Congress; and Ohio Supreme Court.

Results for all other races and issues that appeared on the November 4th ballot are certified by county boards of elections.

(Note: Though certified by boards of elections, the website does include results for the following races: Ohio Senate; Ohio House of Representatives; State Board of Education; and Court of Appeals.)

Under Ohio law, county boards of elections were required to complete their official canvas of the election no later than the 21st day after Election Day, which was November 25th for the November 4th General.

The Secretary of State then had 10 days from the date that all results are received from the boards to certify the votes.

Election results are available online.