Commissioner Uible wins reelection

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Incumbent David Uible was re-elected Clermont County Commissioner for a second term in Tuesday’s election.

Uible defeated his opponent Richard Perry by 23,799 votes. Uible received 74.34 percent of the vote and Perry received 25.66 percent of the vote.

“I am very happy,” Uible said about continuing as commissioner. “I really enjoy the position as commissioner. It is right up my alley.”

Uible said his background in running businesses and the fact that he is task and project-oriented has helped him as commissioner.

“I hope that’s why voters decided to re-elect me,” Uible said.

He said he wants to continue to do more in the office.

“We are approving the budget appropriations for 2014-2015, it would be great to have a surplus and put money into general fund savings,” Uible said.

Uible said he is also looking forward to finishing up the airport runway extension in the next year.

He said he is grateful for the support he received in the election, including endorsements from Governor John Kasich and Congressman Brad Wenstrup.

“I am flattered to get that support as well as from my family,” Uible said.

Uible was first appointed to serve as commissioner in March 2012 to replace former commissioner Archie Wilson and was elected in November 2012.

Since he has been in office, Uible said he has worked to revitalize the Clermont County Visitors’ Bureau, balance the general fund budget, lengthen the runway at the Clermont County Airport, create an alternative sentencing center for inmates, and more.

Perry said that although he did not win, he is glad he ran for office.

“I knew going into this race that it was going to be an uphill battle,” Perry said. “I was going up against a Republican incumbent in a Republican dominated county. I certainly am glad that I ran. It’s been an interesting experience, a learning experience. I would say congratulations to my opponent and best wishes for his continued success in the job.”

Perry said he is not sure if he will run for office again at this point.

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