House Bill 488 sets veterans up for success

Doug Green
By Doug Green

Last month, Governor Kasich signed into law House Bill 488, legislation that significantly and positively benefits servicemen and women. The bill allows such individuals to gain college or vocational credit from military training and experience.

Each and every day the men and women in the United States Armed Forces receive diverse and detailed training.

This training not only prepares them for their military career, but also provides them with plentiful skills that can be valuable for their future outside of the military.

The instruction they acquire in the military has never been transferable into educational credits until the passage of this bill.

House Bill 488 provides more opportunities for our servicemen and women to readjust to civilian life and to be more successful after their military career.

Veterans now have the ability to transfer classroom education and skill training in the field into college credits for an applicable civilian career.

The legislation also helps veterans who wish to enter the workforce after the military by providing them with expedited requests for state occupational licenses and certificates.

The bill offers a transition into a new career opportunity for those who have served our country.

In addition, the Military Articulation and Transfer Assurance Guide, established in House Bill 488, provides a uniform process for awarding credits by including standards on earning credit for experience in the military.

A contact person for Veteran’s Affairs is designated under this legislation in order to assist veterans at state institutions.

College faculty and staff at these institutions must also participate in a statewide training program to learn how to transfer military experience into academic credit.

In addition, county Veterans Services Offices can also assist veterans if they have questions or require guidance.

By offering post-secondary credit and occupational licensures for military experience, we give our veterans the best opportunity to succeed in civilian life.

As a proud supporter of House Bill 488, I am looking forward to seeing the positive effects and benefits it will have on the lives of our military veterans.

Doug Green is the state representative serving the 66th House District.