County may build a new records center

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

A new records center building could be constructed in Clermont County in the near future.

Clermont County Commissioners are looking for an architect to help with the planning of a records building.

“This is the beginning of the project to look at options for the construction of a new records center,” Clermont County Administrator Stephen Rabolt said during the July 23 commissioners meeting.

Rabolt said the existing records center, located on Main Street in the village of Batavia, is old and they are running out of space at the building.

Clermont County Commissioner Ed Humphrey said the records center contains preserved documents and records that date back to when Clermont became a county.

He said the records center has worked to digitize many of the records, however by law the county has to keep many of the original records.

“We never planned for it to be a full-time records center,” Rabolt said about the existing building.

He said the county has already had to spend a lot on maintenance for the building, and at this point it makes sense to move forward with a new building.

“That building has lived its useful life,” Rabolt said.

Rabolt said the tentative plan is to build the new building off of Bauer Road across from the Communications Center and connected to the juvenile court.

Commissioners approved a resolution during their meeting to request statements of qualifications for architectural services for the new building.

Architectural firms will have until 2 p.m. Aug. 14 to submit their qualifications.