Batavia girl attacked by pit bull at friend’s home

By Art Hunter

A pit bull-boxer mix attacked an 8-year-old girl in Batavia late Sunday evening.

The girl, Raelynn Liming, of Batavia, was watching television at the home of a friend in Greenbriar Mobile Home Park when the dog bit her in the face.

Sheriff’s deputies responding to the home at 256 Seton Place just before 10 p.m. July 20 found that Raelynn had a large open would from been bitten on her face near her lower lip.

According to the responding deputies, the dog had apparently walked over to Raelynn as she sat on the floor watching television and attacked her without warning. The dog’s owner, Dennis Grant, was able to restrain the dog and halt the attack.

Central Joint EMS transported Raelynn to Clermont Mercy Hospital. She was then taken to Children’s Hospital by Air Care.

Clermont County Humane Society Shelter Director Bonnie Morrison said that the attack was completely unexpected, and that caution should be exercised around all dogs.

“This is a very friendly dog,” Morrison said. “This child and the neighborhood kids have all played with this dog. We tell people to make sure children are supervised with pets, because any dog can bite.”

Morrison said that the dog’s owners brought it to the shelter, where it remains under a required 10-day quarantine.

Morrison said that Grant has been cited with a dangerous dog violation and will have to appear in Clermont County Municipal Court.

She said that if the dog is awarded back to Grant, it will be with several restrictions.

“There are a lot of requirements that he must follow if he chooses to bring the dog home,” Morrison said.

She said that it will be labeled a vicious dog, and will have to be securely confined in a pen or fenced yard with a locked gate and a top. The owner will also be required to maintain dangerous dog liability insurance. A sign warning of a vicious dog will have to be displayed on the property, and the dog will need a dangerous dog license. It must also wear a collar and tags that say he could attack a dog or person. If the dog is taken off the property it will have to be on a chair leash and be tethered to the owner, and it must be muzzled.

Morrison said that the dog’s owners were shocked by the attack.

“Nobody knew that this could happen,” she said. “This dog played with their children and their friends’ children. Our shelter tries to make everyone aware that any animal is capable of biting and anything can trigger it – it is not something that is breed specific.”