Legislator responds to letter writer

Dear Editor:

In response to “Ohio House is considering more abortion legislation” (June 26, 2014), the author attempted to explain House Bill 351. She is confused about the wording and the intent of the bill. HB 351 is pro-life legislation that simply prevents insurance companies from covering abortion services.

Contraceptives are not mentioned in the bill because they prevent fertilization rather than cause abortions. They are not impacted. Additionally under HB 351, ectopic (tubal) pregnancies are specifically excluded and therefore not impacted. That is the life of the mother exception. Insurance companies will continue to be able to offer that coverage to save the mother’s life.

The author also doesn’t seem to think that protecting innocent human life is important. I disagree. I believe that human rights issues are important and government has a responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

I ran on a platform of Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Limited Government, and Lower Taxes. I went to Columbus to promote, support, and defend the conservative values of Clermont County. That is what I have done and will continue to do. And hopefully, the author will continue to write about my efforts to protect innocent human life.

John Becker
State Representative
Ohio’s 65th District House of Representatives