A salute to America’s heroes

Dear Editor:

As Americans celebrate Independence Day with fun, food, and family they’ve forgotten who made the sacrifice so we can be free.

Our veterans both young and old, answered the call to serve. All gave some and some gave all that we might have freedom.

On July 4th there will be block parties, parades, and patriotism will be popular all across our land. So let’s decorate our hometowns with red, white and blue banners as we wave ’Ole Glory’!

Somewhere in the shadows there’s an old vet, forgotten by his fellow countrymen. Or look for that young vet, who gave his all and now walks with only one leg. We need to reach out to these with a big handshake, a thank you for your service, or just treat them to a meal. Introduce your kids and grand-kids to a real hero and not those so-called ’plastic’ heroes that Hollywood creates.

On Sunday evening, July 6 there will be a “God and Country” Concert at the Bandstand down by the river in New Richmond. All vets will be recognized, patriotic music will echo across the river, and we’ll all celebrate America with red, white, and blue birthday cake.

Let’s practice patriotism 365 days a year and not just on July 4th!

God bless America – America bless God!

Libbie Bennett
Chair, County Task Force
National Day of Prayer