Batavia Board of Education selects interim superintendent

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Batavia Local School District Board of Education members have selected Barbara Bradley to serve as interim superintendent at the district.

The board approved a contract for the former superintendent to serve for two years during their June 23 board meeting.

“That will get us through the building project,” Karen Royer, board member and personnel committee chair, said about the contract length. “The building is supposed to open in August of 2016 and her contract will end July 31, 2016.”

Royer said the board felt Bradley would be a good fit for the interim superintendent because of her history with the district.

“We needed someone who could pretty much step right in,” Royer said.

Bradley served as superintendent for four years and left the position in 2010, according to Royer.

“Given her history and that she has been involved in building projects, she has had all the history that we needed,” Royer said. “She worked with all the administrators when she was superintendent at Batavia.”

Bradley said she is excited to return to the district.

She said she retired from Batavia to help take care of her granddaughter. She said she did some educational work throughout Tennessee, including serving as principal of Greenback School for two years.

Bradley said she still wasn’t ready to retire, and began looking at what was available in Ohio.

When the district approached her, Bradley said she would return.

“I think it is going to be a great opportunity for me to get back and to continue things,” Bradley said.

Bradley said she worked on a lot of projects at the district while she was superintendent including open enrollment, beginning a breakfast program, and working with the Ohio School Facilities Commission to build a new elementary school.

“It will be great to come back and see that come to fruition,” Bradley said about the new school. “I can’t wait to see what happens with the new building, which the children in the community well deserve.”

Royer said Bradley will begin her duties at the district Aug. 1.

Royer said board members will take time to search for a new replacement superintendent, and will have plenty of time to hear from staff and the community.

“We wanted to give time to the community and staff to give input in what they are looking for in their next leader,” she said.