Man arrested for corrupting children with drugs

Martin Meyer
By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Goshen Township police arrested a man known by local children as ‘The Candyman’ for public indecency and corrupting others with drugs June 6.

Goshen Township Police Sergeant Ron Robinson, who investigated the case, said a neighbor notified police that he had seen Martin Meyer, 55, walking into the woods with a young teenage girl and was suspicious about his intentions.

“That was alarming to me, and being a father, I looked into it,” Robinson said.

While police did not find Meyer and the teenager in the woods, Robinson said he began talking with teenagers and children in the neighborhood.

Robinson said he learned that Meyer was known as ‘The Candyman’ because he would provide children with candy either by giving it to them on special occasions or selling it to them.

He said Meyer would smoke marijuana with some of the teenagers and persuade them to get marijuana for him.

Robinson also learned that other children had been in Meyer’s home and that he exposed himself in front of them.

He said the incidents have been occurring over several months.

“It was clear he was setting these kids up to do something to them,” Robinson said about Meyer.

Robinson said Meyer is everything people would expect from a sexual predator.

“This is what they make movies about,” Robinson said.

Robinson said Meyer was previously convicted in 1987 of Gross Sexual Imposition.

According to Goshen Police Captain Bob Rose, Meyer is not a registered sex offender because his convictions came before the law change that created the sex offender database.

Goshen police arrested Meyer June 6 and he was charged for corrupting another with drugs and two counts of public indecency.

Robinson said that since Meyer’s arrest June 6 more victims have come forward to talk about Meyer.

“He was convicted in 1987 and it is clear that none of that has stopped,” Robinson said.

He said he was expecting some additional victims to come forward but not victims from other locations.

“I’ve received three calls from victims out of state that had been assaulted by him in previous locations,” Robinson said. “I received a call from his victim in 1987 wanting to help.”

Robinson said he expects additional charges to be filed against Meyer. He said he is hoping the case will be presented to the Clermont County Grand Jury in the coming days.

Meyer remains incarcerated at Clermont County Jail on a $20,000 bond. He is scheduled for a preliminary court hearing at 3 p.m. June 16 at Clermont County Municipal Court in front of Judge Kevin Miles.

Anyone with more information about Meyer are asked to contact Robinson.

Robinson said he feels the incidents should have been reported before now, and stressed the importance of parents monitoring and talking with their children.

“The biggest thing is, parents need to keep an eye on their children,” he said.

Rose commended Robinson for his work on the case.

“Sergeant Robinson has done an outstanding job with this case,” Rose said. “When the neighbor’s concerns made it to his desk, he went to work looking into those concerns and quickly realized the disturbing behavior by the suspect.”

Rose said Robinson’s actions serve the community well and protect children from the suspect’s continued perversion and corruption.