Groundbreaking ceremonies held for new elementary school

Batavia Elementary School students help board members and administrators 'break ground' for the new school during a ceremony June 4. Rain forced the ceremony to be held inside at the high school.
By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Hundreds of Batavia Elementary School students packed the high school gym on a rainy Wednesday June 4 to participate in a ceremonial groundbreaking for their new school.

Dirt was brought inside for the ceremony as well as a giant bulldog statue and a rendering of the new building.

Officials with the school district, the engineering firm, construction company, and local government and business leaders attended the ceremony and spoke about the new school.

“We are here for a ceremonial groundbreaking,” Superintendent Jill Grubb said. “In a couple weeks we will start the construction process.”

Grubb told students that in August of 2016 they will be moving into the new building.

Batavia Board of Education President Scott Runck said he is happy to be a part of the district at such an exciting time.

“Never doubt a group of people can change the world,” Runck said. “A while back, we had a vision and now we are so much closer. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.”

Board members recognized many individuals involved with the new building project and who have supported the district, including engineers with CR Architecture and Design, officials with Megen Construction, Clermont County Commissioners, Batavia Township Trustees, council members at the village of Batavia, Clermont County Chamber of Commerce, and more.

Before the building project began in the district campaigned to pass a bond issue to help pay for the new building.

Voters approved the bond issue in November of 2012.

The district is also receiving funds from the Ohio School Facilities Construction Commission for the new building, and has been working with the commission on building plans.

Just last month, board members put the early site package for the new building out to bid, and Grubb said they will begin that work this summer.

“This has been a journey of more than 1,000 miles,” Evans Nwankwo, president and CEO of Megen Construction, said about the building project. “What we have learned is bulldogs persevere.”

Batavia Elementary School Principal Renee Munro helped students read their “Top 10 List,” of why they are excited for a new school.

Reasons included having more room, having new equipment that doesn’t break, and more.

Students also helped “break ground” for the new building during the ceremony.

Runck said it takes the support of everyone to build a new school and help make sure students get they education the deserve.

“You are our future and you deserve the best we can provide,” Runck told the students.

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