Teachers of the Year named by Batavia Board of Education

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Teachers of the year were named at Batavia Local School District during the May 19 meeting. 

Dana Kilgore, Mary Bradburn and Sarah Gadbury were named the teachers of the year for the elementary, middle and high schools at the district. 

Kilgore was also named teacher of the year for the entire district.

High School Principal Jamie Corrill said Gadubry, an art teacher at the high school, does a great job keeping the students engaged.

“She is without a doubt the best art teacher we’ve had in this building,” Corrill said. “She is an excellent teacher.”

T.J. Glassmeyer, assistant principal at Batavia Middle School, said Bradburn, a gifted teacher at the middle school, is always pushing her students to do their best. 

“She is a fantastic teacher, and we’re lucky to have her,” Glassmeyer said. 

Bradburn was excited to be recognized for her work. 

“I love what I do,” Bradburn said. “The fact that my colleagues acknowledge me is icing on the cake.”

Elementary School Principal Renee Munro said Kilgore, who is a literary coach at the elementary school, has been a leader at the elementary school.

“She is all about kids,” Munro said about Kilgore. “How they learn and what’s best for them.”

Munro said Kilgore has helped with many things including the Third Grade Reading Guarantee, Race to the Top, and more. 

“I’m blessed to have her in my building and I am blessed to call her a friend,” Munro said. 

Kilgore said she feels blessed to be able to impact students at the school. 

“It’s quite an honor to be recognized by your peers,” Kilgore said.