New picnic shelter nearly complete in Batavia Township

The township’s new picnic shelter, shown here under construction.

The township’s new picnic shelter, shown here under construction.
By Kristin Rover

The new picnic shelter at the Batavia Township Community Center will be ready just in time for summer.

Batavia Township Administrator Rex Parsons said the shelter is almost complete. It is located near the new playground that was recently built on the property.

Trustees approved the purchase of the picnic shelter in August of last year.

Parsons said at the time that there was a need for a new shelter because the existing shelter is so popular.

“The picnic shelter has been reserved 86 times so far this year,” Parsons said last August. “It is probably the hottest item we take calls for.”

Parsons said last year that they appropriated around $100,000 to use for the shelter and to build the playground at the community center.

Volunteers helped construct the playground to save money on labor.

Both the shelter and the playground were built near the baseball fields on the township property.

“The shelter is going to be really nice,” Parsons said. “It will be a nice addition.”

Parsons said they already have people reserving the shelter for use this summer.

Trustees are also considering extending the walking path at the community center.

Parsons discussed the length of the path and amount of material needed with trustees during their June 2 meeting. He said he would come back to the board with prices at their next meeting.

For more information about renting one of the shelters at the community center visit, or call (513) 732-3888.