County tax budget hearing is June 18

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Clermont County will have a tax budget hearing June 18 before commissioners approve the tax budget this year.

Sukie Scheetz, director of the Clermont County Office of Management and Budget, said the proposed tax budget serves as a first look at where the county is and what different departments are bringing in and requesting for the year.

“The code requires every year that departments submit a request for expenditures and estimated revenues,” Scheetz said. “We will roll up that request and present that summary to the board.”

Scheetz said the board will be able to talk about any issues they have and will work toward approving the tax budget.

She said approving the tax budget establishes the need for the funds but does not authorize departments to spend those funds.

“It determines what their financial situation is going to be going into next tax year,” Scheetz said. “We don’t try to balance anything, it is just a first look at where we are.”

Scheetz said appropriating the funds and authorizing the departments to spend money happens later in the year.

Scheetz said the public hearing for the proposed tax budget will be at 11 a.m. June 18.

She said the hearing is an opportunity for residents to ask questions about the tax budget.

“What will go out ahead of time are the details by fund and department,” Scheetz said.

She said the information is available to the public at the commissioners’ office, the auditor’s office, or online at