Batavia to announce interim superintendent

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

Batavia Local School District Board of Education members announced during their May 19 meeting plans to hire an interim superintendent at the district.

Board members said they are working to find the right person to help temporarily lead the district and plan to announce an interim superintendent in June.

“We’ve been in negotiations with a person,” Karen Royer, vice president of the board, said after the meeting. “We have not finalized any kind of contract at this point.”

Royer said they are planning to announce the interim superintendent during their June board meeting. The regular June board meeting is scheduled for June 23.

Royer said choosing the right person is important to the board.

“Basically we’re looking for someone who has familiarity with our district and with construction,” Royer said.

The district is in the middle of planning for the construction of a new elementary school.

Royer said board members are planning to do a formal search and consult with staff and community members when it comes to finding a replacement superintendent.

“Our plan is to do a formal search and work with the community and work with staff to get input for what they are looking for in our next superintendent,” Royer said.

She said they do not have a timeline for the process.

“It is very time consuming to do it right,” Royer said. “We want to be sure we give ourselves plenty of time.”

Superintendent Jill Grubb announced that she would be retiring in February.

Grubb said she isn’t ready to retire, but changes to the state retirement system pushed her to make the decision.

“I feel like I’m not ready to retire,” Grubb said. “I’ve been engaged in a lot of initiatives and I would like to continue to work in the area of education and help districts wherever I can.”

Grubb said she hopes the district will find someone who will continue to keep moving the district forward.

“I think the district is very solid right now,” Grubb said.

She said she hopes the new superintendent will continue the work they have going on at the district including jumping into the building project and continuing the district’s involvement with the Ohio Appalachian Collaborative.

Grubb served 10 years at the district with four of those years as superintendent.

Grubb said her last day will be July 31.

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