Election determined by a flip of the coin

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

A coin was flipped to determine the winner of a central committee race in Union Township, Clermont County during the election certification May 27, and there will be an automatic recount for the race.

Clermont County Board of Elections Director Judy Miller said there was a tie between Carol Addi Keim and Jared T. Martin in the Clermont County Republican Central Committee Member race for precinct U1U after the certification process.

After the absentee votes and election day votes were counted, Keim had 18 votes, Martin had 17 votes and Judith Kelch had nine votes, but Martin also received one vote from a provisional ballot, which was counted during the certification process.

Miller said provisional ballots are counted after the certification is open and only when officials determine that the person who turned in the ballot is a valid voter.

“If the board approves it as a valid voter then the ballot is added to the count,” Miller said. “If they are not valid, the envelop is not opened and they are not counted.”

Both Keim and Martin received 18 total votes after the provisional ballot was counted.

Miller said the board of elections is directed to break the tie. She said a tie can be broken by flipping a coin, drawing straws or picking a name out of a hat.

Board chairman Tim Rudd flipped a coin to determine who would be the winner of the race. Board member Dave Lane called tails for Keim, and when the coin flipped it was heads.

“Jared T. Martin is declared the winner,” Rudd said.

Miller said it is rare for the board to have to break a tie.

Because there was a tie, Miller said there will be an automatic recount for the race.

“It has to be between June 2 and June 6,” Miller said about the recount.

Rudd scheduled the recount for 10 a.m. June 3.

For more information about the election, or to view results, visit www.clermontelections.org.