Bethel police levy officially passes

By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

The Bethel police levy, which was unofficially approved by one vote after the May 6 election, has officially passed.

The determination was made when the Clermont County Board of Elections certified the May 6 elections results May 27.

After absentee and election day votes were counted, 84 voters were in favor of the levy and 83 voters were opposed to the levy, but there were two provisional ballots in Bethel, according to Board of Elections Director Judy Miller.

Miller said both of the provisional ballots were in favor of the levy, bringing the total votes to 86 voters in favor of the levy and 83 voters opposed to the levy.

She said provisional ballots are counted after the certification is open and only when officials determine that the person who turned in the ballot is a valid voter.

“If the board approves it as a valid voter then the ballot is added to the count,” Miller said. “If they are not valid, the envelop is not opened and they are not counted.”

Miller said before the certification that the levy would have to pass by majority.

“If the race is a tie then the levy will go down,” Miller said before the certification process. “It has to pass by at least one in order to pass.”

Even if the levy would have passed by one vote, Miller said there would not have been an automatic recount because of the low number of total votes.

According to the Ohio Revised Code, if the number of votes cast for the declared winning issue does not exceed the number of votes cast for the declared defeated issue by a margin of one-half of one percent or more of the total vote, the Secretary of State will order a recount.

The 1 mill levy is a replacement levy that would collect approximately $31,000 to pay for 911 calls in the village, according to fiscal officer Bill Gilpin.

Gilpin said before the election that the current levy lost 63 percent of its value since it was passed 30 years ago, and it no longer covers the cost of the 911 services bill.

If the levy passes, Gilpin said they will cancel the existing levy, which brings in approximately $12,000 for the village.

The Clermont County Board of Elections opened the election certification May 19 and met to certify results May 27.

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