Uecker introduces concealed carry legislation

State Senator Joe Uecker (R–Miami Township) has introduced legislation to improve and streamline Ohio’s concealed weapons laws.

Senate Bill 338 modernizes access to concealed carry licenses while adding common sense safeguards that protect all Ohioans.

Specifically, the legislation allows non-Ohio residents, upon completion of requirements, to receive a concealed handgun license if they are employed in the state. It also exempts any applicant who has successfully completed the Ohio Peace Officer Training or the annual firearms requalification training program from the competency certification requirement to receive a permit.

“Ohioans and those who travel in Ohio take their second amendment rights very seriously,” said Uecker. “This legislation will help protect those constitutional rights in a clear way, while also ensuring proper checks are in place to keep Ohioans safe.”

Senate Bill 338 specifies that an applicant is ineligible for a concealed handgun license if their out-of-state license is suspended for reasons similar to the reasons that trigger a suspension in Ohio. It also requires the Attorney General to create the application to apply for and renew a concealed handgun license. This streamlines the application process by eliminating legislative approval to update the application.

This legislation will now be referred to committee for further consideration and vetting by the General Assembly.