Bicentennial song written for village of New Richmond

Micheall Reed
By Kristin Rover
Sun staff

To go along with New Richmond’s bicentennial celebration, Micheall Reed, a member of the Cheap Thrill Band, and Jim Comodeca, co-owner of the Green Kayak Market, collaborated to create a song that highlights the history of the village.

Reed grew up in the village and graduated from New Richmond High School. His band performs at the Green Kayak, which Comodeca and his wife purchased and opened two years ago after they moved to the area.

Comodeca said he thinks New Richmond diamond in the ruff, and a town with tremendous history.

Jim Comodeca
He and Reed tossed around the idea of having a song writing contest in the village, and then decided to write a song together for the bicentennial.

“The goal was to write something that demonstrates the spirit of the people of New Richmond,” Comodeca said.

Comodeca wrote the lyrics of the song, called At New Richmond, and Reed wrote the music for the song and sang.

“I play all the instruments and have my own recording studio,” Reed said.

He said he wanted the song to reflect how New Richmond came to be. He said the music with the harmonica and banjo has almost a ghostly feel.

“I was very pleased with it,” Reed said about the song. “It was much cooler than I expected.”

Comodeca said he has written many songs, and had an idea of what he wanted the song to be about.

“With the celebration of the bicentennial, you’re trying to convey 200 years of stories in four minutes,” Comodeca said. “That is what is fun about it.”

Comodeca said the song highlights people standing for what they believe during the time of the Revolutionary War, the Underground Railroad, and more.

He said it was also difficult to write because there were so many people and stories he couldn’t include.

Reed and Comodeca said they enjoyed working together on the project.

“It was a lot of fun,” Comodeca said.

Reed said they have already received positive feedback about the song.

“The response is really surprising,” he said.

Reed said he and Comodeca got a license and gave the rights of the song to the village of New Richmond to use.

“They are doing things throughout the whole summer with the bicentennial,” he said.

The song, At New Richmond, can be viewed at and is available on iTunes at