Appraisal fair to be held in Williamsburg

An Antiques and Coins Appraisal Fair will be held on Saturday, June 7, 2014, from 1 – 3 p.m. at the Harmony Hill Museum Carriage House, 299 South Third Street, Willliamsburg, Ohio.

Antique appraisers will be Frank Forsythe of Forsythe Auction Services and Betty Hembree, local antique dealer. Coin appraiser will be Fred Liggett of Coins Plus. Cost per item appraised will be $5. The number of items per person may have to be limited due to time constraints. Proceeds will be used for educational programs for Williamsburg Elementary Students.

Select an item(s) you would like to have evaluated and do some research on your own. Check antique guide books at the library and search the internet. After your preliminary research, you will be able to utilize our experts’ time more effectively. Appraisers will give information about each item and a verbal appraisal, so bring a notebook or electronic tablet to jot down notes.

The popularity of shows such as “Antiques Road Show” have created a great deal of interest in antique appraisals. It is important, however, to come with reasonable expectations. Family items treasured by you and your ancestors may not be of a significant monetary value on the antique market.

For more information call (513) 724-3657 or (513) 724-7790.